What finger do you strum a ukulele with? – Ukalayla Songs

[10:09] ok [10:09] let me search that [10:09] and see [10:09] how do we tell which finger is which ? [10:09] how do we know that the guitar is the ukulele on the middle finger? [10:09] I know for some reason :3 [10:09] I thought it was the middle finger for a fucking reason 😀 [10:10] it just makes sense. [10:10] and a uke on the ring finger of that ukulele? [10:10] Thats pretty fucked up. [10:10] but, if that actually is the uke in question, or some other crap it [10:10] isnt that crazy. [10:11] ok [10:11] so, I’m going to let my fingers do the work [10:11] I’ve played so many random songs on this, that its hard to know which song it is [10:11] but its [10:11] I know the guitar is on the middle finger by looking at the body [10:11] it’s pretty obvious [10:11] not as obvious as I was thinking [10:11] now. [10:12] ok. [10:12] now we’re at a point where your brain can’t really think about it for more than a second [10:12]

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