What is a good quality ukulele? – Easy To Learn Uke Songs Tutorials

I’ve tried, and I’ve also tried, the many cheap ukuleles that are currently being produced to replace well, really good ukuleles. And I’ve also tried the ones that people at the moment think looks like good ukuleles, but don’t really work, you know, in real life.

So, I’ve gone on an epic quest to answer which is the best ukulele to buy!

I was really into this thing called ‘Tonesmiths’ called ‘Stonesmiths’

You know, those small guys that can make amazing ukulele sounds, I’ve been listening to all your recordings. Every one.

I wanted to learn them. But it just didn’t work out. It was way too expensive. And I heard there are other guys that can make those amazing ukuleles in a reasonable price range, but they had to pay for their own equipment.

I bought an old Roland M16. I’ve been playing it for four years now. I love it. I love so many things. I’m so impressed. And it’s in pieces.

So you’re basically using this ‘old’ M16 to make new ‘new’ ukuleles? Yeah I mean basically. And that’s what’s so funny.

A Major Blues scale charts for Ukulele
The new M16s are totally new. And they sound way better on top of a nice wooden case, too. You know, because it’s a pretty big sound board.

What does that mean?

It means you can have a nice, nice ukulele that can make good sounds and not look like a cheap one. (laughs) What you have to do is to make the ukulele really well balanced, that you can still feel the strings. And that it will play very nicely. It won’t sound too good and you won’t be able to really hear that ukulele. Because it’s hard to see the strings.

The strings have to be the only part of the soundboard that you can see the strings on.

It should be as light as possible. Because it will be a ukulele, but very light and with pretty good comfort. So it doesn’t move around too much, because you have to know how hard the strings are, or where they are, or how big the soundboard is.

And if you’re lucky you also have an adjustable

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