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The 10 most expensive guitars sold in the world in the last year

As you can see, the best selling ukuleles all sold for a hefty sum in the last year.

The most expensive ukuleles in the world areā€¦

1. The Daoist Master of the Golden Age

Lao-Tze was born in a small village in central China back in the mid-4th century B.C.; his grandfather was an artisan who had an excellent track record in the creation of weapons and implements of war. The Daoist Master practiced with many different weapons and instruments, and developed much of the practical and historical knowledge that would inform the Daoism of the future. He also studied medicine and wrote over 100 treatises. In addition to his teaching, Lai-Tze also produced many books including the following:

Inscription of the Great Deities

On the Great Deities and the Celestial Heavens

On the Divine Art of Making a Bow and Arrow

Lao-Tze became aware of the power of the sun, moon, and stars after he had studied astronomy for several years. He traveled to northern China to learn more about the stars, and wrote: “They are all the children of Heaven and the gods. The sun is the son of fire, the moon is of water, the star is the son of wood, and the stars are the children of Heaven and gods. All living creatures are descendants of the three.”

2. The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

Lao-Tze was also interested in astrology because the heavens were in harmony with human beings. He claimed that the planets controlled human behavior in their cycles of life and death in preparation for birth and the coming of aging.

In the Daoist Tradition, Lai-Tze is thought to have founded a school with a name that means “the Sun, or the Heavenly Stars.” This tradition is not directly associated with solar worship, but Lai-Tze was interested in the theory that the stars were the gods’ children who were their teachers. The stars also influenced humans’ emotional dispositions. If a man felt afraid of the darkness or in pain, he would be influenced by the stars and become a violent person in general.

3. The Great Deities and the Celestial Heavens

Lao-Tze claimed he could predict

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