What should I practice on ukulele? – Best Way To Learn The Ukulele

Play ukulele, karaoke, guitar, woodwind, fiddle, bagpipes, bass, tuba, ukelele, piano, drums, cello. I’m not a kleiner but if everyone could stop listening to music for just one moment, we could all be pretty good friends. —The Rake

Somewhere between 10pm. And 5 am. And 3 am. I’ve found myself in this time slot. So what do I have to do to get some people to notice my ukulele playing?

The best way is to sit there and play. Play some music that makes you want to sit down and tune. Sometimes this is what I do when I’m feeling depressed. It’s called ‘playing the piano in the shower’ and it involves practicing all the tunes you’ve never heard before. Once in a while, we might get people that do it like this. But it doesn’t do anything for us, because by the time they are done you can hardly hear them, which makes you feel weird about being in a group of people to begin with. I would rather spend some time in silence than try to teach anyone any tunes.

The point is to practice and listen. Just don’t try to teach anyone a tune if you don’t like it. We’re all in this together, my friend.

Here’s some good tunes for ukulele:

Don’t do any of those, though. They are in a different key.

Here’s a few to practice. Or don’t.

Here’s a great song that I love to play… it’s for an otheren group called S.O.B. (So what do they do? You don’t know!)

I’ll admit it: I’m a little old-fashioned about this music stuff. But that’s OK. No one cares because we’re all going to end up hearing it anyway.

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A great song to play with a bunch of friends!

Now, there are more, but these four are great examples of basic ukulele accompaniment. If you like to jam or play music, or if you just want to be the loudest thing around. Here are some other songs:

Here’s a few tunes that I like to play with myself. (This has been my life for the past couple of months.)

Here’s some really cool things about having music with

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