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We would start with the first scale in that line up of stringed instruments, we would start with the first scale that contains an octave that is higher than the lowest one in that scale. For example, the first scale that we’d start with should contain an octave that is from A to C. If a melody contains a line that contains a certain number of notes in the ascending scale, we’d use that as a guideline to get the string tone on each string.

How much practice will it take?

I can’t promise that you’ll be able to practice the entire thing in one sitting, but I can promise that it will be time well spent. I used to play the scale that most people are familiar with when I was younger:

A, 5

B, 7

C, 9

D, 11

B, 12

If I have the opportunity to teach it to another student, I would start my progression from the next scale up:

A, 5

C, 9

D, 11

C, 12

As I’ve played with more and more ukuleles lately, I’ve started to play those scales on my instrument less, but now I feel like I have to play them more often because of how I am approaching the practice process and that I have some new ideas about the music playing in my head.

What is your view on how to handle learning the scales on your instrument after they are memorized?

The main problem I have is to get those scales down and into my head and into my understanding so that they can be heard in the music. This doesn’t mean that you go to the practice room, but instead you try to keep your attention on the music that you are going to play, not on what’s coming down the string.

Are there particular scales that you do better than other scales on?

I would compare myself to David Lanois, who I don’t know that much about yet but who I learned a lot from after I gave up the ukulele for the first time in my life – after I’d given up even hearing the sound of the ukuleles around me. I can still hear the sound that he played on his instrument from long ago. So if you are going to improve on the scales, focus on what you like to hear in music. The scales I learned most from, though – the scales I play the most

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