What should I practice on ukulele? – Ukulele Minor Chords

Do you need to know what your ukulele is playing like? How should you learn how to play ukulele? What will you learn as a person or how will you learn as a musician? What are the main things you need to know?

We will provide you with the information you need to understand you instrument so you can learn it on the ukulele. I will prepare some basic articles so you can take part in our forum (I will answer questions posted there). We will also talk about practical matters and ideas for improving the playing of your instrument.

Who is the best website that can help me learn to play ukulele?

The answer is NO ONE!

Everyone has their own approach to learning the ukulele. You can choose from any of the many websites I have listed. You will find several good examples of playing the ukulele on different musicians pages of websites like ukulele.org, julymusic and ukulelemusic.com. You can listen to other ukulele recordings on youtube and listen to them in their native language if they are not available in your language. You can also find a large number of ukulele lessons online that can teach you everything from fingerstyle to fretting and back.

There are also many books and instructional books available on ukulele and playing for ukulele lovers. This website only provides ukulele lessons and will not be responsible for any mistakes of the teachers that you will encounter. As mentioned above, it is better to hire a native ukulele player than a foreigner. There are great beginners ukulele lessons online on youtube. You would be pleasantly surprised by what can be discovered.

I do not want to do the study. Please help me to be a good ukulele player!

This website is not your friend. I am trying to help you learn ukulele, I am not my own teacher. When people want to learn ukulele, they try to talk with people doing the study. It is not a study, it is a talk. You should take the time to do your own study. All the information mentioned above is available for free on this website. Don’t waste your time trying to read online posts if you are looking to learn ukulele.

Winter Wonderland - Ukulele Swing - YouTube
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