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This really depends on how you use your ukulele and how sensitive your strings are. Some people like their ukulele strings quiet and smooth in tone so they can play along to some music on the radio. Some like a deeper and heavier ukulele tone, which can lead them to play loud or to try to make music loud, so they can get it heard by the band.

It’s really up to you, but for most people the sound of a uke’s ukulele is mostly like a very soft guitar string. (Yes, this is all really subjective, but don’t be too surprised if you hear a certain string sounds a little softer or a little more plasty than others.)

And here’s the thing: the best uke’s sound can be pretty much made of any string, but if you’re really into playing ukulele music, the easiest way is to get the strings to work together (i.e., you don’t need two different kinds of strings!). That means that you’ll find out what kind of sound will fit most people’s ukulele, so use the string that works your ukulele. It’s all about finding the right ukulele string for your style and preferences.
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Do ukulele strings get soft or do they get stiff as you play?

Here’s a good question! The answer will depend on how often your ukulele and your strings interact, but to get a definitive answer you’ll need more research and experience. (And it’s completely fine to listen to your bass and your guitar’s tone and try it out yourself! Check out this great article in Guitar Player for some awesome tips on stringing your ukulele and getting a good tone.)

If, however, you already know the answer, the answer is pretty clear. Your ukulele’s strings will start to soften over time, and get stiff over time.

If you notice this when you play your ukulele, you will need to play slowly, at least to hear how soft or stiff the strings get.

How do I take my ukulele apart?

Most ukulele necks have no screws to hold them firmly in place. So you really don’t have to worry. If you’d like to remove your ukulele, you just have to lift your neck out of the bass, and turn it inside out

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