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Most of all-the beautiful sound of a Ukulele . Not a lot of strings will cut as good and sound as good as a stringed guitar. Not even a lot of stringed guitar players have stringed instruments with good sound. A lot of stringed guitarists have strings that have a lot of harshness and do not cut as good as stringed strings for acoustic. If ukulele players want to be more authentic, or if they have to get rid of the harshness, a good ukulele string sounds good, but don’t get too upset.

As a Ukulele Musician, this is the first issue that you have to deal with. A good Ukulele string sounds good when played by ukulele.

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This is a big problem at the beginning. Most players will use “standard” strings in this case. These strings do not cut as well as stringed strings so they sound like crap at first. Some players don’t even know how to play the uke and start playing the ukulele instead. Then they try to get rid of the harshness with the “standard” strings and they still don’t get the sounds that ukulele strings are supposed to sound like if played with good ukulele strings as they are.

Here are some examples:

Example 1. What is the sound of the original “standard” string strings when a ukulele is played normally. I want you to have a “sound” when ukulele is played.

Example 2. What ukulele strings sound like when a ukulele is played using a ukulele fretboard. I want you to hear this.

Example 3. I have 3 strings from the “old fashioned” string sets. One of them would fit in the “old fashioned” ukulele string sets and another one would go in the “standard” ukulele string sets. I want you to hear when these ukulele strings will cut.

Example 4. If you want to play a stringed ukulele in the future, you need to learn to play the ukulele with great ukulele strings. Do not buy an acoustic ukulele because of this string cutting issue because of its string sound. Instead, buy an acoustic ukulele because of its beautiful sound. Do not use a stringed ukulele

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