What size ukulele should I buy? – Best Way To Learn How To Play The Ukulele Easy Beginner

I don’t like ukuleles that long. If you are like me, the first ukulele you bought will probably be a great instrument that goes way beyond what you expected.

What kind of strings should I use? The only strings you absolutely have to worry about are 7.5-, 11-, and 12 stringed ukuleles, which will provide more power in your playing. The 12 strings will be more powerful and will help your guitar hit harder as well. If you are unsure about your strings, I would suggest buying a set of high quality 10-18 gauge strings because you probably won’t need to change them when you play more than a few songs. This way your guitar won’t “bend” when you play your first note.

What should I look for in a set of ukuleles? When purchasing ukuleles, you will also need some parts. Some ukuleles come with the body and the strings and others don’t. Some ukuleles come with no strings and others do have strings. Some will come in more than one color and some will have multiple colors. You will also need to buy a case of your instrument. My recommendation is to just get a case that will fit your ukulele. Don’t get one that will fit many sizes of guitars. You want something that is large enough for the most comfortable playing. I like the MazzerCase for beginners like myself but larger guys like Steve Vai and Gary Moore have a few size larger cases for sale. If you are buying your first ukulele, pick one that has the strings, body and neck the same color combination as your instrument. You won’t be able to change any of the colors as they all are the same size. If you aren’t sure, just look at the photo above and you should know what to look for.

Is it possible to have an instrument built with your own parts? Of course, you can. I have sold several guitars that have been built out of my parts. It is also possible to build a custom electric guitar at home but I recommend that if you are just starting to take your electric guitar to the next level, you go with my kit. If you are interested, I have a custom kit that we can produce for you and that is not very expensive either.

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