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For this particular purpose, I will suggest a 4.25″ ukulele. We all know that a 5″ ukulele sounds terrible. At a 4.25″ you can’t really get over a lot and this will add too much volume, which is important for this particular instrument.

So it is better to go for a 4.5″ ukulele and this size will give you more volume.

Also, to get the widest range of volume, use the smallest possible bridge position – so we call this position F = Fp

I prefer to get it to 4.25″

What is the name of the luthier?

The name is James. This is a name that I would like to be remembered long after I have passed on. It’s a shame, really, because he is well known and very capable and he has given so much to our community in such a short amount of time.
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He has a number of instruments, including a lute, a mandolin, and a woodwind. They all have very nice sound and, thanks to him and his work, we have a vast selection of classical guitars.

How easy will it be to build a perfect ukulele?

This is a difficult question. It is very difficult to do an instrument so good that every time I look at it, I’m surprised and amazed! It takes a lot of skill. There are so many different techniques and instruments made on many different bases.

My favorite part to do is to give a luthier (or you) a lute and ask them to work out the kinks and get it to sound the way they want it to.

I find, as I teach the lessons, that the most valuable experience I have is to simply listen, to get the feel of the wood and get to hear what it needs. Once you do that, then we can try to go back and refine the techniques.

Then you just have to make a lute that looks beautiful with all the tricks you have put into it. Then someone will ask you to make a different ukulele.

Does the ukulele have a name?

Yes, that is a good question. The most well known ukulele is known as a gothic. The name comes from ‘goth,’ which in English may be ‘darker’ or ‘gothic.’

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