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If you already have a few guitars, what are some of the most popular?

If you’ve seen a ton of guitar videos, and you’re already proficient with the instrument, you can probably guess those who have the most favorite instruments to play. These are the ones you find online first, which are not usually the recommended for beginners like an electric or acoustic guitar, or even a mandolin, because of their cost, lack of quality, or poor tone. I think most people wouldn’t know of a few decent guitars for beginners, but these are some popular ones to look into:


The Rickenbacker is one of my favourite instruments, as it gets better and better with each passing year. I think if you don’t want to spend more money, you should go pick one up for just a friend that could help you when you need some lessons.

You’ll definitely need some practice, but after a while you can learn how to play an Rickenbacker on a regular basis and you’ll have the confidence to do whatever you want from now on.

Crimson Bear

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If you’re thinking about picking up a Crimson Bear acoustic guitar because their website has such good reviews (and they’re not too expensive either), it can have a lot of the same features the Rickenbacker has. But it has a lot better sound, as the sounds that the Crimson do are very mellow without being too sweet. The Crimson will work as the bridge player for an acoustic guitar!

The only thing the other two have in common is their price, but that’s more of a personal preference (I think the Crimson is more mellow and mellow sounds better than the Rickenbacker).


The Cream is one of the most commonly used electric guitars nowadays, and it has a unique sound that doesn’t sound at all like an electric guitar, at all. And you can play it like a bass guitar. The only reason a guitar could use what a Cream does in the electric realm is to look like one. In my opinion, they have some of the best tone available nowadays, and they’re so affordable.

I personally like this electric guitar because it is the most versatile. You can play it like something close to an acoustic, or a baritone banjo, or a high-mid, low-bass, or a high-treble (if you have a lot of string noise, you can lower the neck, which will also help

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