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Why is that number so small? How does it have a value of -3? Does it have a value of -31?

Why is a -3 unit always written in lowercase? Or does that have something to do with the fact that it is lowercase? It sounds like it should be uppercase, but it’s not.
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Where is the decimal place? No one would actually use it. What’s the deal?

You can change how you write a string in your program with the use of the % operator. All you need to do is write what it would be like if you had only four possible characters in your string: b , u , k , m , and l . By replacing the character k with the letter l and the letter u with the word “w”, we get a new string that is more representative of the number 2, which we can convert to our current string format with the use of the strftime() function:

%strftime(“%e,” %5.9); print “The number 5.9 is…” %

The strftime() function accepts single, double or multi-digit floating point numbers only. It also accepts date and time literals that may produce the number in a format that it can understand. As a consequence, strftime() will ignore the format specified for the literal. Thus, a date and time literal can be written with a date/time format that strftime() can translate to:

%strftime(%s, %d); print time %time %(d, y %(mm, ss)ss, m %(hh, mm)am);

The second form takes on the format specified for one of the possible characters (aside from b which must be one of those three letters in the list above), and it substitutes that string with a string that strftime() understands. With this form, strftime() will interpret the numeric digits for any numeric digits present in the original string, then convert those to a decimal number. That result can then be printed, where “1,2,0,3,5” will be printed to output the total number of digits.

The strftime() function is also used to provide compatibility with the locale, so that there may be strings converted into other strings such as those that may be used in command-line arguments in locale-sensitive applications. For example, given the string “Mon Nov 20 03:20:00 GMT 1999”,

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