Where is middle C on a ukulele? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Pattern To Amazing Daughter

Is a ukulele too far to the left of the fretboard in this picture? Or is it at the edge of the fretboard?

This simple rule also applies to the fretboard, and a ukulele is usually centered.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the “two-dimensional” fretboard, let’s see how each of these rules apply to each strum technique.

Strum Techniques with a Two-Dimensional Face

This section teaches you the basics of “2-D” fretting and then you will get your hands on the technique of doing strumming while standing up from a seated position.

What we will cover here is the technique of strumming with a 2-D-face like the one shown in this photo.

The strumming technique shown in the above photo is the one most common for practicing 2-D fretting, and it requires a good amount of practice to really become proficient at it.

While some people think they know the basics of fretting better than most, those same people can be very surprised at the difference a good set of 2-D notes can make. And even if you know the basics of fretting better than most, you probably still find yourself strumming with notes out of phase with each other!

Here’s what I mean.

When strumming a note from a 2-D-face, you can take a note at an offset of approximately two frets, and that’s it! You can still strum along that same offset as if you were fretting from a normal fretboard position. But you won’t hear any difference in the sound of your strumming.

What you will hear to that same note when you strum it from a proper fret is a completely different sound. Since there are two frets, even your strumming will not be audible from out of phase with the next note on the fretboard, as happens if you were fretting from an offset of six, for example.

It’s as simple as that!

But if you want to learn how to strum a 2-D-face in less time than it takes to read this article, read on! Here’s How.

2-D Face Technique

In this section, you will also learn how to do the strumming technique shown in the image above.

And it’s really that simple, really

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