Which size ukulele is best? – Best Way To Learn Songs On Ukulele Where You Picked

It would be easy to assume that the smaller ones are better. However, just as a lot of people seem to be choosing the same model regardless of its size, it’s much harder to find the people who are using the right size ukulele for their style. So, you might just end up with a few mediocre size ukuleles in one range and a nice size ukulele in another.

Is it possible to get a smaller ukulele?

Yes, you can. However, buying a smaller ukulele will have the side-effect of not only adding more weight, but also increasing the chances of them breaking or dropping, since there will be more friction and a larger surface area to rub against when you play.

When to buy?
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Buying an ukulele before your favourite song is a good idea. Just as there could be people out there who prefer the same size ukulele over two different sizes, just like there are people out there more or less in a happy marriage between the smaller and larger ukuleles, there are people out there who prefer a larger and smaller ukulele. So, if you’re buying a smaller ukulele, be prepared for the people who have an excess of “lovely” ukulele to come over and play around with your new (or used!) size.

Do all sizes have the same sound?

No. Some sizes will have a slightly more relaxed, muffled or “blunt” sound when played compared to a bigger or slightly larger ukulele. For example, if a person who plays classical ukulele wants to sing in a very low tone which they would not be comfortable if they played the same way with a bigger ukulele. Similarly, if you want louder volume or have a lower pitch, the smaller ukulele will be more comfortable and fit you the better, even when you are using a different ukulele.

What to do?

You have three options when playing. You can play with a lower pitch while the ukulele is being played by the other person or you can lower the pitch and then raise the pitch to the player’s level. So that they can play the song at high volume. If they have difficulty playing higher pitch that way, raise the volume and then again lower the pitch and then go and play the song normally.


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