Which ukulele should I buy? – Learn How To Play The Ukulele Online Tuning Pitch

The choice is simple. I buy the Alesis G7X Ukulele.

Why have so many reviews?

Why would you review a product which you are sure to be happy with. It’s not like I want to tell you that this thing is a mess, or not great. It’s just that it came with a full set of tuners, which you should get if you want to use them.

Is the G7X suitable for those who use a regular tuning fork?

I’d recommend it for almost anyone who plays a guitar for any amount of time. If you have access to two tuners and a mic, you may well find it helpful. I used mine for four months last summer as there are no tuning forks on the market (which is a problem in and of itself).

What happens if the G7X arrives damaged?

Well that’s a little bit of an issue for the customer though. That’s because you’d be buying an instrument that never needs adjustment. But if it does (or if it’s an emergency repair like some of my other G7X purchases) then it needs a bit of work, but that’s fine. But I’d suggest you try to buy an instrument that you genuinely need to use, then that’s a different matter.

Are G7X pickups the same as Les Pauls?

I suspect that they are. However there are differences. The G7X is a bit more robust than its brother, not to mention lighter.

What about the pickups? Are they really made from aluminium?

In fact they’re actually made from a different type of alloy than the original pickups of the Les Paul. I’ll get into why in a minute.

How does the G7X sound in comparison with the Les Paul? Does it have the same tone?

Of course it does. It’s a completely different instrument!

Can you tell me more about the Les Paul series of stringed instruments?

In terms of size, the G7X is smaller than the old-style Les Pauls, which had to be held at arm’s length. So it doesn’t provide much of a reach, but it’s more accessible than the old guitars. It’s still comfortable to play, with more than enough space for your thumb and your fingers.

Also, as you can see above, the strings were re-tuned, so they sound a bit

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