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The ukulele has a wide range of distortion and its ability to push frequencies above the natural frequency is extremely problematic as evidenced by its often-fearful reviews on a variety of reviews sites. As a result, many players have found it more convenient to record their ukulele sessions on a tape recorder. The result is a slightly uneven sound and usually an over-welming response to the vocal.

This was an issue with my guitar recording of John Lennon as recorded in a hotel room in 1970, the result of a combination of a loud recording device that blew through the recorded pitch and a tape recorder that distorted over a fairly wide dynamic range.

A recording of the Beatles in 1967 also sounded bad to me, however, the recording was made on a very loud vinyl record player with some serious clipping.

Tone and clarity from a ukulele are difficult to achieve. A sharp, metallic, thin-bodied ukulele will sound harsh if it’s recorded on a loud, thin body. A soft, wide-bodied ukulele (with a wide sound hole) will sound better because it will sound more plucked on the string and less plucked on the tape.

Uke in Europe – the best ukulele models

Emerald Bay Custom Fan Fret Tenor Ukulele, Spruce / Black ...
As a starting point, I am going to show you the top 5 models of European-made ukuleles.

I’m also going to demonstrate some of the differences between these models so you can see which might be the best for you.

All of the models here are available in Europe, but many have been available in the USA since 1981.

I do hope that you decide to buy one of these. Here’s how to compare our results to those from other reviewers.

Comparison Chart

Below are some of our ukulele comparisons, some of which have been mentioned elsewhere. But, in addition to making us proud in the U.S and Europe, let’s remember why people find quality ukuleles. (I also want to mention here that we’ve included the best values in our review, even those without international shipping.)

We use several methods to compare the ukes. One is to listen to recordings on recordings that others have played and compare the quality of the notes. This is referred to as “test” recordings. The recording was done before the models were produced.

Another is to compare test recordings to the original recordings.

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