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This is the same as a typical ukulele, but you can’t say this is a ukulele because it’s made to sound this way. This is called a hollow tone. The hollow tone is the sound you get at the soundboard, not the string. Why does my ukulele sound a bit tinny?

If you compare your ukulele to the standard strings of the day, you will notice that the ukulele has a bit of a tinny sound. Some guitarists prefer the tinny tone because of it’s easier playing, but it also has some other uses. The tinny sound comes because more string tension is coming from the hollow tone bridge, which is causing the string to move forward a bit. The higher tension will cause your string to vibrate, making the sound. If you like your ukulele to have a good tone, the more string tension you put on the ukulele, the better your ukulele will sound.

One of the two men who were stabbed at a protest in downtown Minneapolis on Thursday has gone into surgery.

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Darius Hallman, 21, was stabbed in the chest. He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition.

Police have not released the nature of the dispute.

“We believe that he was in the right place at the right time,” Lt. Catherine Michal told KSTP FOX 9 in Minneapolis.

Hallman’s friends described him as a bright and promising young man.

“There was no way he’s hurting, not in the least. He has an accident here that caused it, but that does not change him in any way. He just continues to put himself out there for the good of humanity,” said Brian Anderson, who has known Hallman for two years.

Hallman spoke with the media for the first time Friday morning, describing his attack on the group of people, but refusing to comment on what caused it on the way to a meeting with police in downtown Minneapolis.

“I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else but Darius,” he said.

Police arrested at least one person Thursday, and released an image of an assault weapon. It was described as a rifle.

Hallman is a student at St. Olaf College in St. Paul and attended an anarchist group’s meeting at the university Thursday night.

Police have not

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