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I’ve always had that in my heart… and not just with my parents and friends. I’ve had some of my closest friends, friends of friends, from the school band and various other bands at university play ukulele, so if you come near me I will be just as happy to play a uke. The first ukulele I ever discovered at a small local club in Sydney, was the Yamaha SG-2000, it wasn’t a huge investment but I’d been told it was the best guitar I’d ever played. As a teenager I was on stage on a lot of the ukulele bands I knew with other mates of friends, and I learned how to play them, I learnt how to play them in a way that was easy to work with from a uke perspective, and there was no doubt that if I wasn’t playing an instrument at that moment or moment in time, there would be other people in the room playing the same instrument and learning too.

So you must feel that the sound you sound in your songs is influenced by people around you with the same sound?

I don’t use ukulele in my music. At all. In fact, if there was ever a reason I’d want to play it, it’ll be the sound of people listening to my music, which is a very different kind of sound. I’m more interested in feeling things with my fingers, in my skin, in the way you feel on a long-distance jog; in something with a feel. So no, I feel nothing of that nature in our music, really. So much of it has to do with emotion, my own personality, and my surroundings, that would be like saying playing guitar is about emotion – because there isn’t one. It’s more like playing the whole body and making all three parts of your body feel, to use the words of Bob Dylan. You’re doing it when you’re talking to someone, when you’re walking your dog, when you’re having a cup of tea in the morning, when you’re just laying down. The idea is to make them feel the same. It doesn’t matter if you play the uke, or play just something for your friends to listen to, we all want a connection with something that’s out of the ordinary. It’s not the sound you make on stage. It’s the sound that you make when you’re just hanging out and going for a walk, or when you’re in bed at night,

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