Can you learn ventriloquism? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Dummies Book

How many can you count in your mind? The number that you can count is not how many vocal cords you have, but how many things you can see without looking. The more I’ve done for ventriloquism, the more I’ve realized that this doesn’t mean that I can’t teach my kids how to read, but that I’m not sure how to give them the right tools and ideas.

The same is true concerning my other passions. I do teach others how to swim. I teach them by creating videos and tutorials that teach them how to swim. However, what I haven’t been teaching anyone lately is how to do basic reading. I do so because I don’t always think people who are learning to read really need to read. They can learn by watching lectures, reading books, following someone else, they can also do it by themselves.

In my view, what separates a good reader from a great one is not what their reading ability is, but their ability to think. It’s about being able to recognize when you need to read an article and understand it. It’s about being able to understand that you want to do something, and how to create the discipline and the motivation. This is a complex skill all by itself. The ability to read is about the ability to think, not just about reading.

I don’t know how to impart this to students, but what I do know is that the ability to think is a crucial requirement for understanding other people. Most of the students I’ve taught for ventriloquism, I’ve been able to get across to them what it is that they have, what you need to do to accomplish what you want to do and what you’ll need to be able to do if you want to be a great reader, because when they read something they think they will immediately know what it means. Their mind, like mine, has a habit of looking to its left and right and thinking it’s reading, but after they learn that they need to think more before they can do it, they learn to think more and their understanding keeps improving as more knowledge comes through.

Another piece of advice that I often give people with an interest in ventriloquism is to start with reading comprehension. If you don’t have something to say on a given subject, don’t use it as a means to express your understanding or as a way to demonstrate your own ideas. Instead you use your comprehension of the subject to help teach your students the content.

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