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– Yes. So if someone is being hurt, just let him or her cry and tell them that they are in love as soon as the situation has passed – Yeah. I see what you are trying to say. If somebody is being hurt and you see their crying, let them cry. It doesn’t really matter if you are doing it gently or rough, the only things you should be thinking about are the baby and your emotional well-being. I won’t judge if you feel like it. I won’t put a lot of pressure or ask you to stop if you feel bad about how you reacted. I really don’t care about whether these types of behaviors are right or not. All I want is for you to know how much I care about you. – We talked about the feelings that the other parent is having with this child’s presence. How is that feeling affecting you emotionally right now? – We already talked about that but it may be difficult for you to see how big this problem is. Even on the surface, this child looks just like you. He or she shares all of your same traits, physical characteristics and interests. – Yeah. Are they making you upset or upset to be around this child that you have already created and made happy? – Yeah. You know, when I was little, they always had a little doll named “Ki”; it was a little girl. And all I had to look forward to was the other little girl who came with milk. Oh my god, I was excited! I was excited that that little girl would be coming home with milk to drink; I don’t know how you can be so sad when you see that little girl in the nursery. But I was sad, and when I saw her again, I didn’t know how I could be happier. – I feel really sad about being with this child at this time. I feel really bad. I feel like I don’t understand what the hell I am supposed to do. You have to do something about it. – You don’t understand? – No. I don’t understand where you get off. If I tell you to take care of this or this or this, then I am telling you to take care of all of these other things. – Well, you told me earlier that the only way you could have any kind of relationship with your child is if you have a relationship with mom. I don’t understand why you feel the need to have the other parent around. I am so happy now. – This time of the
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