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Not only is Rex a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, but he’s also a former member of the super-secret organization. In the comics, when the Brotherhood was around, Rex was in the group, and he didn’t take up with the other members (in fact, he was one of the reasons why the Brotherhood disbanded). In the TV series, however, Rex isn’t a member, and only briefly makes an appearance in the episode “The Power Behind the Sword.” When someone tells him that something is off with the Brotherhood, he claims that he was sent by the group and that he doesn’t speak for them (which isn’t true—not even in his own mind). In the final episode, Rex explains himself by saying that he’s just “an idiot” and “lost his bearings.”

Why didn’t Matt have a name until Season 2?

In the episode “The Brotherhood of Steel,” Matt, Jax, and the rest of the Brotherhood go to a diner filled with their greatest enemies. There’s a brief exchange between Kyle and the barista about Matt’s name, and the barista tells Kyle that nobody talks about him like that. Matt’s name came up a few times, though it was never revealed exactly what name he was given.

In the comics, when the Brotherhood is around, Rex is a member and is one of the oldest members of the team. When the group is disbanded in the comics, Rex is put to work rebuilding the Brotherhood.

How does Jax feel about the secret group?

Jax is one of the most mysterious characters in the show, and his name is a bit like the name of his character. He doesn’t really know or care about it, either.

Will Jax return for the rest of the season?

There was some concern over whether Jax would return for the entire season, but his character has never really been a focus in the other five seasons. The only thing that happens to him is, you guess what, he dies on a bridge or something, and then everyone starts talking about him again. This season, there’s a lot more focus on Jax as a character, which is a good sign.

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