How do beginners learn ventriloquism? – Ventriloquism Plosives

For most newcomers, the first step to ventriloquism is to be able to listen in a very open environment, where the sound cannot be heard and the listener is exposed to a variety of sound sources, as well as various visual sources. The best place for beginning listeners to experience this is in a theatre or concert hall, or at home. These settings are known as “open-air” environments and offer a wide range of audio and visual stimuli. The “open-air” environment also allows the ear to hear other sounds such as speech. At home, the best place to practice ventriloquism is with a friend, in private, and without the presence of others. The same holds true when the practice is done with one person, or two or more. After the basic sounds have been mastered properly, the next step can be to improve your understanding of the mechanics of the sound by becoming familiar with different vocal characteristics. If you prefer, you can begin by hearing the sound of other people’s voices. Most people are willing to hear other people’s voices for reasons that have little or nothing to do with ventriloquism. If other people’s voices are inaudible, it is usually because the volume level of the sound is too low. A typical value for the volume range of a standard conversation are around 85 decibels. A 100 decibel voice is a typical example. A level of sound at which a person’s voice would become unrecognizable, is sometimes called “low-pass resonance”. If your “low-pass” resonance exceeds the 85 decibel threshold, it is considered to be high-pass speech and is a sign of the potential for ventriloquism. You can learn more about high-pass resonance and its dangers by listening to what has already been said on this topic at the website of the American Lung Association.

For most people, the level they enjoy hearing is somewhere around 80 decibels. It is recommended that each person start to learn how to sound like each individual person they listen to. In addition to this, it is necessary for you to do some listening in a non-auditory environment as well, so that you can develop the “muscle memory” of hearing the right notes. The best place to practice this is in private. At first, you may be able to hear the right notes in your ear. This is the time to start using ear protection, and gradually progress to listening in an inauditory environment. This is important

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