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The term “voice” describes the sound produced by the vocal cords, which can be made even if there’s no one physically near. Voice is the most basic kind of sound, but any sound of the ear can be used to make the sound. The voice itself is actually a combination of the different parts of the mouth, throat, jaw, and throat muscles.

On March 13, the United States Postal Service (USPS) filed for bankruptcy protection. If that weren’t scary enough for the people of San Jose, California, it also comes at a time of intense uncertainty regarding this area’s future.

The USPS, a government-owned corporation, began taking steps earlier this year to close many of its post offices around the globe, including San Jose’s.

It was, therefore, an act of incredible grace that the Postal Service had been able to file for bankruptcy without having to close any of its post offices.

And what will it mean for the city and its residents?

The situation can only make for bleak headlines.

Although the City’s office at 1 Postal Center is scheduled to close as early as September, its two other post offices — on South Broadway Avenue and East Avenue — will remain open.

When the post offices close, it would mean losing all of its customers. Postal services are essential for residents in San Jose, as an estimated 60-80 percent of the city’s food, clothing, and supplies are delivered by the USPS.

But the post office also serves as a major community asset, particularly to small businesses, many of which have already been left unemployed by the USPS’ abrupt closure.

The Postal Service has a history of having to close its stores and services during times of economic downturn, and during the recession it has actually reneged on many of its pre-dinner openers.

The Postal Service recently faced a $3.7 million debt load. While it does not face the same financial trouble as many private businesses, that does not mean that the agency will be able to raise funds to keep its doors open on March 13.

In September, the agency was forced to shutter its regional office in San Francisco after its credit limit was exceeded.

San Jose, with its booming tech and medical industries, is the only city in America with a fully functioning USPS post office.

In fact, that means there’s almost certainly a shortage of post offices in San Jose.

According to the USPS, there are

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