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A: We throw the voice into the mouth with a short length of twine, or we string it back with a string (such as a string puppet) (Fig. 22). As in the case of the puppeteer in Fig. 20, it then comes down as the voice reaches the microphone, through which it reverberates, and goes back to the speaker.

Figure 22. String puppet for throwing back the voice.

B: The voice can be thrown from another piece of equipment for instance, the microphone of one of the speakers of the speaker stand in Fig. 22. Then it bounces back at the end of the stage, and this bounce-back also bounces its voice back to the speaker.

C: If a single voice can be thrown along a piece of apparatus without getting in the way, this technique allows the conductor to “roll her own” orchestra to accommodate the various voices. As an example, the same piece of equipment can be used to throw the voice of the singer in Fig 22.

D. How does the performer react to the voice?

A: The voice is thrown from a microphone and the listener must either raise or lower his or her voice in response as a result (Fig. 23). This way we are able to move from pitch to pitch and from note to note. A second note, such as F#, is also thrown, without the performer moving for this, the performer does not “step” up or down.

Figure 23. The performer responds to a voice.

E. Can I ask a question about the voice if I am a novice?

A: Yes, and as you ask questions you show the performer that you are skilled in the art form.

B: You can also ask a question which will be answered within a few seconds. For example, “Why does the voice sound so shrill?” “Why does the voice sound high-pitched?” “Why is the voice “breathy”?” The question is answered with a few seconds later. This is one of the many techniques of the stage which is practiced in the traditional schools by the experienced performers of the traditional schools (Fig. 24).

Figure 24. Technique of the traditional schools.

D. Can I use this technique to play on a musical instrument?

A: Yes, but the voice will sound odd because you will also be singing, and the singer usually does not do this with instruments.
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