How do ventriloquists throw their voice? – Learn Ventriloquism Tom Crowl

How do they use their body to manipulate air? How did Thomas Edison transform a lamp into an electric candle and how did he do it?


I’m not a voice expert. And I’m going to assume you’ve seen at least some of this before, which is fine, because it is one of the most important subjects a voice artist can address.

You hear how to talk

Virtually every voice over artist has a strong idea of how a voice actor should sound. They learn it on how a professional would speak.

Some people learn the basics of speaking in grade school. Others may have taken a few voice acting classes, taken classes in speaking technique and honed the body language that shows up at auditions.

For this article I’m going to focus on the less-commonly learned techniques.


When it comes to acting technique, voice talent, and presentation, the most important thing to remember is that the person you are speaking to might have a totally different understanding of how you should communicate.

What voice professionals and voice talent don’t understand is that a lot of people don’t speak in a perfectly-formed, smooth, authoritative mode. It might look perfect from the outside, but the fact is your voice is not perfect; the muscles you’re flexing and the manner you’re speaking can make it look perfect.


Voice is the most flexible part of the body, which means it can work in a way that looks natural but could also give you a big headache or make you sound like shit.

We’ve all seen it: you are suddenly on stage with a professional performer and you can’t seem to get your script or your lines right.


Some actors will use different techniques to make the most of their body language. They’ll grab a hold of their throat or their elbow to bring their mouth even closer to the microphone to pull in more air. They might pause to get closer to the mic to ensure they get the right voice. They might take an extended breath—perhaps, like a breath of fresh air—or they might hold a breath, hold the breath, then drop the breath and then take another one and then yet another one.

The best of the best know these tricks and don’t just apply the same techniques everywhere. You can change in the moments between a take to catch your breath. You can pause a few minutes in the middle of an important scene to catch your breath

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