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You close your mouth and you let that water rush out into the open air.

Do you remember anything else?

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What did you wish upon the sea?

What did you wish for?

You will find it difficult to remember anything. After a while you will begin to forget. You find the desire to forget can be found in certain places; for instance, the sea. But this need not prevent people from remembering things. The memory of the great sea will help him to forget the little sea he has met. What do you think it would be like to swim without shoes or a pair of sandals? In those seas and on the beaches one may not see any human beings, but there might at times be fish and shells on the rocks.

When you reach the shore you feel that you have reached a pleasant place. But can you go through a narrow opening in the rocks? A very narrow opening indeed, but one that is almost perfect for crawling. Can you crawl through that narrow opening?

You crawl and you feel better. But there is one thing that will not go away, and that is you. The more slowly you walk, the more you cannot find the time for the rest. Why should you feel better, while walking on all fours? That is why it is a mistake to walk in such a way that you feel that you are standing on one foot.

Sometimes the great sea will give you pleasure. It does not matter what kind of pleasure your sea gives. All sorts of pleasures seem to do. Just remember that it is not your sea. There are plenty of other seas. Many people think that the great sea is the most delightful to them. I have seen it. I have felt it, and I am sure it is wonderful too.

After you have walked for some time, you will come to the end of your path, and suddenly there will be something that frightens you — something that you cannot understand. It is something that can no longer be found without going to another path. This frightens you, because it seems to you that the path is all round and it is so small! You feel terrible because you feel that you are in some other world and that all your feelings are broken asunder. How are you going to get rid of the sensation? You will not go past this place. This fright will not get satisfied. That is a very horrible experience for you. You are so frightful you cannot move from your position

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