How do you make a puppet voice? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Dvd Release

The voice’s a little harder to explain. We made this very simple technique so you can put it onto whatever your puppet’s face and let it sound like a normal person. Here’s how we made it.

First, take a piece of foam rubber, and get some tape and some glue.

We used a piece of rubber with three points, and two pieces of masking tape in each end of it.

Take one of the tapes, and put it over the rubber. Then stick that with a small strip of tape over the middle and one end.

Now we’re going to glue those two strips together, so when we place it on your puppets face, it looks like we’re just adding sound. When you let the tape hold it in place, there should be a little gap that the rubber tape can fit around, so you’ll be able to see that we’ve got a nice smooth surface! Now you’re going to have to get some kind of masking tape, as it will be used to cover the edges of the face of the puppet.

Then get the tape and tape our masking tape over that. Don’t put it on the face of a small puppet, as we would. If the sound has to go through, it needs to go through, to make sure that the sound that we want comes through. Try this out now!

So with 3 rubber parts, you can make a really awesome puppet voice, or any sort of thing, really!

Make it easier and cheaper

One more thing we wanted to do, was reduce the cost of making things so we can sell many more things. This means we need to make more of our stuff, and make less of our stuff. So I’ve been working with a small local business that makes many different products. I’ve told them we want to make it cheaper to sell, as it is. In return, they get very good work for their money. What you get is a much easier process. For example, when you’re making a sound for your prop, you can just take the vinyl, cut the vinyl up, and then glue over those 3 sections with a few masking tape to keep them from peeling off. But you can always make your own masking tape if a masking stencil is too large. That way you can cover your masking tape for the masking stencil with it. To be honest, I’ve actually purchased a kit so I can do

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