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A tiny plastic mouth is attached to a plastic toy to make a tiny mouth. The mouth is very soft and is flexible, so you can shape it with your fingers or your fingernail. It is so fun to play with! So please see this tutorial for making a mouth. What would happen if you used an airbrush? The airbrush is very useful to make very small and easily-removable puppets. All you have to do is put some air where you want to place the puppet. Then use your imagination to create the puppet by painting the puppet with paints and then attaching it to a mouth as in the step-by-step illustration above. You can also make the mouth transparent using acetone or other chemicals. All you also have to do is to put the mouth parts together. You can do it with paint too! You can make a puppet mouth by hand or with a magic marker and even use your favorite sewing needle. How to make a sock puppet:

A plastic toy is used for the mouth, the nose and cheeks inside the sock are glued at the back. A mouth piece is glued onto a plastic toy. A sock puppet makes a perfect gift for any special people or people in your life!

I like socks and I am always looking for new socks, how do I make my own sock puppet?

You can make a sock puppet on any kind of fabric, but you must make it small. It should be between 2 – 3 inches long and then it must be glued only at the back of the sock. That’s it! This is what a sock puppet should look like:

How to make a sock puppet:

I had a lot of socks and I wanted a new set, how do I make a sock puppet?

I like socks and I want a new set, what do I need?

A set of socks is very useful as they make it easier for you to put items on your feet. All you have to do is put some socks into the sock box. What do you need?

A cardboard box, or a roll of fabric or tape.

The tape should be of the sort that is sold in stores. The more of this type of tape you have the bigger your sock puppet will go. You can use cheap or expensive tape, it doesn’t matter which.

I need a new set of sock puppets, what do I do?

This is a fantastic moment where I have two puppets.

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