How do you make a ventriloquist dummy? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Online

That’s a tricky thing.” – Jim Corcoran, The Boston Globe

“You have to have an expert like me, but you don’t have to have a machine.” – Bill Dees, Boston Herald; April 14, 1997

“Your skill as a con artist cannot be overestimated.” – Eddy Leggett, New York Times; June 26, 1998 “This is a technique I used to do.” – Richard P. Corrigan, author of THE BIG BOOK OF PRIME-TIME HOSTS, 2002
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“What do you do to make a fake showman?” – Jeff Wurtzel, New York Times; May 1, 2002 “You’ve got to be smart. You’ve got to have your head in the right place. You’ve got to know your props.” – Rick Moran, Washington Post; May 6, 2002

“The trick is… how can I convey… how can I make somebody say something that they don’t believe right away but later on in their life, when they need to prove a point or prove a concept, do I say it like a person would say it? Or am I going to say it to make them feel like someone is going to believe it?” – Jim Corcoran, Boston Globe; July 12, 2002 “The way to make people believe it is by building them up and making them want something and then when they finally get it, they look down and go ‘Guh.’ ” – Jim Corcoran, Boston Globe; October 7, 2004

“In my opinion, the greatest con artists are those who have the ability to fake people and manipulate them at the same time. They know how to do the technique of a con man in the best sense of the word.” – Frank Rich, New York Times, 1999

“We had to go to Japan, I’m sorry (with your Japanese jokes), we had to go to Japan. I went there for three months in order to figure out how to do the thing and get it done. I had two things in mind, one was not a joke or a joke that was going to be funny, and another was a technique I’d heard once or twice, but I had only heard it twice before.” – Rick Moran, Washington Post, June 6, 2003

“I want them to like what they’re seeing and not have their brains blown away.” – Eddy Leggett, New York Times, August 17, 2002 “It’s like if you

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