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You do an assembly, you put them together, and you give them a voice. That’s how they work. We are doing this in a unique and wonderful way.”

In addition to the ventriloquist dummy program, the facility has created its own unique series of puppeteers who make “toys” based on his “Ventriloquist’s Delight” designs. These are designed to be more accessible and to better suit different generations, and even include a children’s version.

Sutton’s goal is to expand that program to include a range of other mediums; and as a bonus, his dream is to make a movie. He has created various prototypes of what are described as a “miniaturized version of the puppet” — “so it would look just like I would look in my head.”

“I don’t say we shouldn’t do anything, but we need to be careful what we do,” Mr. Obama said in response to a question about the U.S. “not letting that influence our military, whether it be our national security team or anybody else.” The president did not specify the kind of military training and planning that might be jeopardized.

Mr. Obama has faced criticism from some civil libertarians and Republicans in Congress for the drone campaign in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mr. Obama has defended the strikes, saying they are consistent with the law and American values. In addition to Pakistan, the U.S. has launched strikes in Somalia, Yemen and Libya.

In his speech to the gathering at the Brookings Institution, Mr. Obama made clear that the strikes are not a first step toward a new strategy for the war on terror, which he told the audience he is still evaluating. “I will not say my strategy is now settled or my foreign policy is settled,” he said Thursday. “We will make no decisions based on that assumption.”

Mr. Obama will go on television Friday to outline his policy on Afghanistan, but he is keeping in-depth talks with a range of political leaders, senior military officers and other advisers. He is still seeking the approval of the Senate — which he needs if he wants to authorize continued U.S. military operations in Afghanistan — to deploy additional troops and make other changes.

The White House also hopes to end the months of debate and criticism over how the administration approached the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, with which the administration is still working closely. Obama administration officials say they wanted to avoid taking a hard-

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