How do you move your mouth when talking? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism For Children

You can just do a very wide open mouth. The mouth is basically open. Like, in my day, for example, if you looked in a mirror on your arm, and you felt your arm, you could actually see that the back of the arm was actually just open. It’s just a very wide-open mouth. It’s kind of an open mouth.

So when you actually do an animation, the lips are probably closed a lot, but you can just open them, and they can look more expressive than if you were to closed them.

Does animation really have to be a two-hour project?

Not necessarily. Sometimes I do a five-minute segment or a half-hour segment that may look kind of flat. It’s just to keep it entertaining. If the animation moves to one minute and 15 seconds with great animation, you can call it.

So you did a really cool clip on the other night. We saw the animation for a few minutes and then the voiceover guy came on and said, “Well, the animation is kind of a little weird.” Did you have a lot of trouble with it?
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I didn’t have much trouble with it. One of the guys did really great, but he was the one that actually taught me how to handle all of the different characters. You have to have really good timing, because the character can do a lot of different things. So sometimes I would get to a level where I was like, “Oh, I don’t know. I just saw this guy open his mouth a bunch of times and I didn’t even know.” [laughter] And then there were other time that I’ll see a character that will do one thing and then it won’t do anything else, so it doesn’t make sense. Then I’ll be like, “Oh, you’ll get used to that. It’s just a little thing.”

Some animators have different styles. Some people have really smooth faces whereas I have really rough faces. Then sometimes even the character’s movements will be weird because some people will do these really quick movements or some people will be jerky movements.

So that’s really cool. We talked about that. Can you talk me through your workflow and how you actually animate your characters?

I do an animator job. Like, in my day, I was doing that. Like, I would have some animation software and I’d try to draw something out. Then I’d make a

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