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The first few seconds of ventriloquism have two essential elements:

Somebody says F. You have to make sense of the sentence and repeat the same syllables.

These are the simplest sentences to learn because they’re very easy to learn and you don’t have to worry about memorizing the syllables after the F.

Most people want to memorize the whole sentence and it takes a lot of effort and effort. But if you repeat an utterance, that helps you make sense of it so you can continue on to the next line.

Here’s an example of how to say “B.”


Here’s an example of how to say “C.”


For more about how to use “E” and how to make sense of the sentence, see “What are e’s for, and how?”

The rest of this page contains a list of commonly used words and phrases in English.

Words to know

B-A, B-A, B-A, B-A

As in “good” and “a good deed.”

Inventive, inventive or ingenious

A smart (or creative) person. You want to become something that someone else has designed or thought up.

Eyes, eye, eye

It’s always important to have a sharp (or clear) look at something you’re about to look at.


It’s what he was calling me.

Easter egg

An item you find accidentally (or out of place) that helps you to think on specific things in your life.

Enthusiastic, enthusiastic, enthusiastic, enthusiastic

Something that gives you excitement – something a guy would say

The only thing you can think on when you’re at the gym.

Expert, expert, expert

Someone who can answer the questions that most people ask, the ones people need to ask to understand something.


A trip in another place so you might feel different from where you were when you last left.

Expert on something

Someone who’s been around

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