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What about P? Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure you’ve never heard that before. That’s a really long word. Why, you can’t say it because it rhymes with “doo.” P’r’il is not a rhyme. It means “of.” So you say P’ril? Well, this is a really long one. Do you understand? Now you can’t say P’ril.

This is not the first instance of the mispronunciation of P, which has been spotted elsewhere. A report in 2012 by The New York Post stated that “a local bar said it has run out of the ‘p’ word after word.”

The Federal government has ordered the Department of Veterans Affairs and VA Health Care System to halt their plans to expand the VA National Cemetery Program, the Times reports.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs and the VA Health Care System are directed to stop any such program or action,” writes VA Secretary Robert McDonald. “There can be no future expansions to the burial program.”

The Times notes that the move comes amid mounting concerns over how the Veterans Affairs Department has used “empathy” vouchers — also known as “empathy coins” — for a limited number of veterans at hospitals in rural states.

“The VA has given more than $70 million in vouchers to veterans, but the Department of Veterans Affairs has not been transparent about which veterans are being selected for these ’empathy’ services,” writes The New York Times in an article on the issues.

The VA is “encouraging veterans to donate their bodies at the end of their lives rather than bury them,” the Times writes.

President Barack Obama previously called for a VA “integrated” approach to healthcare, and said that the agency “should have a system in place that will track VA healthcare spending as well as any other healthcare it provides.”

VA officials have said that “empathy coins” have not been effective in meeting VA objectives as the company continues to deal with what it calls “the biggest challenge in our profession” of providing timely care to the elderly in the United States.

Watch Obama announce the VA’s plan to expand cemetery visits in the video above.

Image: via Facebook.

A Texas woman wants to know why she was targeted by a masked man armed with a knife who attempted to cut open her car window and steal her phone.

The 23-year-old woman was leaving her home in McKinney on

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