How do you say p without moving your lips? – Axtell People Puppets

There’s not a single word I use that requires this form. To me it’s a blank canvas. That’s why I wrote the first song with the same idea. After all, we’re all using our mouths as a canvas.

Are you a person who draws?

Yeah, just a lot to do with art. I was never a serious artist like most people. There might be a few pictures I took with the family as a kid. Not like a fashion show or anything, just a couple. But I have always drawn, even back when I drew animals, as long as I can remember.

What kind of painting is this?

It’s just a bunch of faces in water.

You mean the paintings with the water?

Yeah, it’s just more, you know, pictures of animals I had painted.

What is an animal and what does it look like?

I do not own all the animals I have drawn. They are either at least on loan from families. People I asked about them didn’t have them with them, they had never seen them before.

I see. This one was my favorite.

Yeah, it’s called “Mysterious Fish”.

It’s really weird that this is on the internet.

Yeah, it’s weird. But I’ve seen it everywhere. People ask me what these fish are.

Are you interested in other artists or are you just curious?

Not for art. I like drawing and painting. I really like people. I like everything, including people. My whole life and every thing I’ve made is very much from the idea of people. If it wasn’t for people — I mean, I am what I am. It would be something else.

And what will be more meaningful to you?

This one. That’s why I wrote that. I write a lot of stuff for you but for myself. When people ask me what I feel like drawing and what I write or what I want to be doing next — there, that’s what I want to be doing next, in a couple years. So I want to make this about myself and the things I would like to do.

I see. So, are you a dreamer or a doer?

A dreamer, I guess, since I didn’t dream until I was 15. Doer, I guess.

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