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If you’re making a sentence like “When I am home, all my work is done,” then you should be using the present tense: “I work at home. All my work is done. When I am home, all my work is done.”

You’d also be saying “when I am home, I work” in a different way, but that’s something for another day. The main point I want you to remember is this: “Work” means “doing” in all the different ways “work” does in English. It’s a different verb, meaning “to do.”

What about when you’re doing something at home that you’re not doing at work? You’d be making a sentence “I work at home (at home)” or “I work at home (at home)” or “I do work (at home).” Those would all be using the past tense.

What about when you’re making a sentence? “I go to work (at home)” or “I do work”? Those would all be using the subjunctive (or “I’m thinking”), implying “that I’m doing.” As we’ve seen earlier, the subjunctive can include a variety of different particles. So there is no need to change the order in which you use the subjunctive particles if your sentence includes both “at home” and “work.” You can use both “at home” or “work” at the same time, just as you can say, “At home I work and go to work.”
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In case you’re wondering why the subjunctive particles would be being included in such a sentence, it’s because you’re using the past tense right next to them in the past participle (the part that is added as an example only). But in this case it would make more sense to say, “The past participle of my work (at home) is work and I go to work,” meaning something like “The subjunctive of my work (at home) is work and I go to work.”

Other Forms of the Present Tense

Now let’s talk about some other constructions that use the present tense in a different way.

Question Words

As you might have noticed, it’s not always possible for us to say all of these sentences in the present. In many cases the English language has a way to say that you’re thinking (the “when you’re thinking” part), but

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