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D’Amico: I used to say that it’s not a sign that we know something is important about a new thing. And that’s been true, if I’m in my element and it’s good, but when I’m not in my element, I’m a little disorientated and I don’t understand anything, because my ego is on high and I think I know an easy answer.

What about that moment at the end of the ’70s where we were in the middle of a war? How’s the state of mind of the people?

D’Amico: I think that’s always the important question in things, that’s how you know when you’re on the right path or not on the right path. That’s how you know you have in your life the right mindset to make an approach. I wouldn’t consider myself at that time on the right path to do things at all. All my thinking was about what was wrong with the universe.

It was the end of an era, but I was thinking about more serious things than politics. After that there was a period when I was doing everything I could—writing, painting, traveling—and getting lost in the world as much as I could. And in that period everything got worse. I lost myself, I didn’t get to the point where I was able to be with my family and make decisions that wouldn’t be so detrimental to me. I had no clue what I was doing.

You didn’t have the resources or the confidence and resources to do anything. What happened?

D’Amico: I started thinking about the way things were going to go after my mother died, how would all my future children feel to me? That was the time I started thinking about getting serious about what people expect. I could do this: I decided that I wasn’t going to go to the funeral if I didn’t have to, otherwise I would be a fool and would be giving a speech and would have no idea on what to do with all this energy. Everything that happens should be on purpose. Every day and every decision should have an objective to it. I had a whole year of time and energy. But when you’ve had nothing for so long, a year later the reality sinks in that you’ve been on the wrong track.

What did you do next? This was your last trip?

D’Amico: It was my last trip, and it was a long one.

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