How do you say the letter B in ventriloquism? – How To Learn Fast Typing Keyboard Keys

Well, the way we say the letter B in a ventriloquist is through the mouth or its object—and in this case it’s the mouth that’s being played.

Blessed be God! How blessed we are in having it! There was a famous ventriloquist named Billy the Kid, who used to sit on a hill overlooking a lake up in the mountains of California. All summer long he’d stand up and say to the kids who were running around on the grass in the area where his hill was situated. He’d say to them, “Come, come, come, get on the other side of the lake; don’t stand on the grass of the hill,” and then he’d say, “Let me have the letters B and B, B and B and so forth,” and the kids would all go, “B! B! B!” and he’d tell them to turn right at the second letter of the alphabet and go to the next letter; and so forth from letter to letter.
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And if they went ahead and ran ahead of him along the edge of the slope a little bit, the sound would get louder and bigger—and then once they were really on the other side of the slope he would have them run ahead of him again and again until the sound reached the far edge of the slope. And the sound would get louder and louder until it stopped—then he’d say, “Come and get on the other side of the lake,” and the kids would run right on. He’d take his tape recorder and record this for the next session. And every time they had any questions about what he was doing they’d go—and they’d do it as fast as they could, and then they’d go on and they’d have more questions for him—and then he’d repeat it, and so on and so forth.

Oh, they were so excited that one day they were running down the hill by themselves, and they didn’t even think about where he was standing; they didn’t even think about moving and standing up; and suddenly a little child came running along and was so excited that his feet started to shake and he had to sit down and cover her hands with his hand because she was so excited. And so they started to laugh as hard as they could and say, “Come on, come on, let’s follow that child!” Then they came along, and the man ran after them, and they didn’t even know when to stop—they didn

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