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That is something I learned from my mother, but as for my brothers, I only know how to say the simplest things, and when we were young, I was not as good an organiser and speaker as some of my brothers,” he says.

It is interesting how the film and the music reflect his upbringing.

“The movie is also based on a real story. I watched footage from a murder case, because I wanted to see what would happen if I got arrested for something. The story was like a dream, and so I chose to tell this story in film,” he recalls to Firstpost.

The film shows what the family life is like in a Pakistani family, where every member gets a role, however small.

“The film has no plot. So if you are a movie goer, you can understand the story,” he says.

Kashmir Killa does not take itself seriously, at least not to the extent where the audience is left to judge it. In fact it might just be about how he manages to hold together his family.

He jokes that, in the film, his real name has been changed to the film’s real identity, as it has become a big joke in Pakistan about how a non-Muslim can be an Indian.

M.M. S. is a writer and media professional by day, but is a part of the PTA and other committees through his daily activities. His writing has appeared in the Urdu tabloids, the Express Tribune and others, and his film work has been widely seen via various film festivals and in national and international broadcast.

His most recent film, titled Kashmir Killa: Reel is a documentary film on an Indian film actor who spent four-part season as a Keralite in a Pakistani movie. S. writes about his experiences, and the experience of others like him, through his social media pages. His previous film, the film Killa’s House, was a documentary on the house that the artist Kailash Satyarthi grew up in as well as a portrait of him himself.

His next film will be a biography of Muhammad Yunus whose life he writes about in his latest novel titled, The Last of the Jinns: Muhammad Yunus’ Last Battle for Survival.


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