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One of the difficulties in dealing with most social problems is that it is very difficult to know the precise root causes. It is important that all students learn how to deal with social situations with a more detached and non-judgmental attitude, one which asks questions rather than giving orders. This is achieved by means of the “one to one” meeting, which is made more difficult by the fact that social relations are so difficult to carry on in an individual context. A single meeting will not produce any real change. However, if a “one to one” meeting is followed by a more extensive one-to-one meet-and-greet, the result is invariably better. Thus, in the case of the student’s brother, he can develop a more close relationship with his brother and thereby gain a lot of confidence in his social abilities. In any long and complex social situation, there are times when people need to be kept in their place, and this can give the feeling that no one in the group is doing anything right. This feeling of inattention is especially common in large groups, and we need a person who can stand up at these times and give a friendly talk and listen to his fellow group members. This is what the person’s brother need to develop.

If you do not have a brother who is interested in becoming proficient in this subject, then you should not be afraid to do it. Just write your letter to your brother and tell him that you are interested in getting him to learn the skills needed to become a better conversationalist, and to have him participate in a weekly one-to-one meeting, if he feels suitable to do it.


In an age when the people we meet are more numerous, it is harder to know how to communicate with them. Communication between different social groups is also more complicated than ever before, and there are many new possibilities that have not yet been grasped. One of the most important things is to have an understanding of language. Learning the basics will help in many situations. Therefore, as the year progresses people will be able to converse in a more natural and free manner than before. The ability that people develop in talking and listening to others is usually more than the ability to act, since people are so capable in many cases of being very active in certain circumstances.

One of the methods usually taught to new converts is to speak to strangers in the course of ordinary activities, or to people

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