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That’s what I was wondering.

“Ah,” you sigh as you give her a playful shove to the floor. You can feel her body convulse, and the faint sound of her breathing almost wakes you up as you reach out and take her in your arms again. She smiles and holds you tightly. You notice the look of fear in her eye as you pull her close to you. It’s almost a hug, but there is something so gentle in it.

“Are you all right?”

There’s an unexpected pause as your jaw works through something. “Don’t think so,” you answer. “I’m fine.”

She smiles as her breathing becomes quick and her eyes squint as she continues staring into your eyes. You can feel yourself beginning to relax, and you lean my head against hers. You can feel her breath tickling your hair.

“I’m so glad you are so happy,” she says, and she hugs you even tighter, as if you’re someone else. As soon as you catch your breath though, she pulls away. You look at her curiously and ask, “What’s wrong with you anyway? All of these dreams and it’s all so unreal?”

Her eyebrows shoot up as she looks down at herself and blushes. “Nothing’s wrong with me,” she answers simply. She sighs with relief on her breath and pushes your chin away. “I love you, Nick,” she says earnestly. You hold her tighter as she wraps her arms around you and gives you a kiss. Her breasts sway as she gives a small smile.

“Hey, you’re my girlfriend,” you say happily as you give your girlfriend another kiss.

“Well…thank you.” She lifts her head and gives you a smile as you feel her smile deepen.

You can’t decide if that statement is cute. In the moment, you don’t have the words. So you just accept it happily.

You and Nick find yourself in the living room of her apartment as she leans up against you. The smell of strawberries is so overwhelming on her breath that you just want to eat it. You start kissing her, and her tongue feels like it was poured straight down inside you, which is a very hot sensation. She’s blushing bright red as she leans closer and you give her a small squeeze, but she doesn’t mind. She knows you’re in love with her, and she feels like we have something special.

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