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How do you move your hands without moving them?

How do you hold hands without your arms falling to the sides?

And of course the answer must of course be: if there’s no movement.

In the study, the researchers asked 16 college students to try a variety of movements – such as holding a chair against their arms – for 20 seconds.

Some would simply hold the chair, while others would try to lift it.

While these movements took some time and were not particularly quick, none of the participants could replicate those results when the same movements were performed by others, the researchers discovered.

“The human hand is a very complex apparatus and requires a great deal of fine motor performance to operate effectively,” study author Brian Nosek, from the University of Michigan, said.

His conclusion is that the study may explain how people may have learned how to do things before they were meant to and may be the first study to look at just how a given hand has evolved to handle a given task – like holding a chair – over time.

The study was published in Nature on Thursday 1 April.

On Sunday, one of the most respected people in America called into question the integrity of the United States Senate. The person was none other than Senator Ted Cruz.

If you’ve watched the Republican presidential candidates lately, you’ve probably heard them utter the three words that define their campaign. “Lyin’ Ted.” “F—in ISIS.”

In case you didn’t know, the senator from Texas is a Tea Party darling, and he’s a longtime proponent of the unconstitutional, unelected, unaccountable, unaccountable — the kind of people who would set a federal judge up for assassination.

But Cruz wasn’t talking about any of the Republican presidential candidates when he made his comments during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday.

Rather than call these presidential hopefuls corrupt, he made a call for the restoration of the principles upon which our country was founded: individual liberty, religious liberty, and economic freedom — an agenda that has, of all things, been the hallmark of the conservative movement for nearly a century.

Watch it:

If you think Ted Cruz is just another politician from Washington D.C., let me tell you what he’s actually saying. His words are in stark contrast to the rhetoric from the entire Republican establishment and their most fervent supporters. They are talking about “constitutionalism.”
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