How do you talk without moving your mouth? – How To Learn Fast Algebra 1

The only reason you can talk is to make a sound, such as an “eek”, “whumph”, or “chuckle”. And once you’ve learned to make a sound, you can talk to yourself, others, or do other sorts of things.

You can use sounds that resemble “winking”, as “wink wink” does. “Wink” is also “wistful” and is the name of a certain type of flower. “Wink” is also the name for a type of toy. For a full list, see the Dictionary of the English Language.

When it comes to talking to yourself, you can use whatever sounds you like. If you like to say “I don’t want to eat” or “I like the taste of my food,” you can say “I like my food” or say “I am not hungry” to yourself. That’s just a simple example—you can say any sounds you like. You can’t use sounds that resemble “beep” or “buzz” or any other loud stuff to talk to yourself.

If you use something like “I don’t want to eat” because you really are hungry, that doesn’t count.

I don’t want you to call me “boss”.

Call me “boss” or “boss’ lady”. You can even call other people “boy”, “girl”, or “boyfriend”. If an appropriate person is in the room, or even if they’re in the room (or they are the person you’re talking to), then calling them “boss” or having them call you “boss’ lady” doesn’t count.

If you want to talk to somebody you’re not familiar with, you can use the phrase “I don’t know them well”. The person who doesn’t know you well can respond with a “Oh, I’m not so sure…” or “Oh, I don’t know.” If that person responds with “No? Don’t bother…” to the first “I don’t know” reply, he or she probably doesn’t care much about you. However, if that person doesn’t know you well enough to say “Oh, I don’t know that” to a follow-up reply, you may want to call them “boy” or “girl” or “boyfriend”.

Even though all of these rules apply to talking to other people, you can use them to talk to yourself.

You can use different

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