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When I ask a question and you don’t answer me, will you let me know if I get it right? Or do you think I’m going to get it wrong and get the wrong message? Are you ready for me to get it wrong and then you can go back and tell me it was my wrong? Why are you always doing that? If you don’t even know what I’m talking about, how do you know what you want to hear?

We have to give people a reason to trust us. Why wouldn’t you need more than a couple bad experiences so you can learn something? When I give people reason to trust me, they won’t feel like I’m just a scam artist or that they don’t have to do anything. It’s hard work, and we can’t all be an entrepreneur every day like we do with so many others that we come in contact with. What will you have to do to convince you, your family, or your friends to trust you?

The answer will depend on your age, and how much time you’ve invested in learning something. I do things one day a week, and one week a month. I have nothing to prove to my family or friends, and I have nothing to prove to myself. In a year or two I hope it will be clear, but right now it’s a lot of work to stay motivated.

What are you waiting for? Let’s make something happen!

As a result of my years of playing League of Legends and watching my favourite players, I’m well versed in the concepts and fundamentals of play. I have a broad range of knowledge on how to win League of Legends. When it comes to fundamentals, I can often get a sense of what to think, to work on, and to look for in-team. When I speak to new players, their first thoughts that come in to mind are “is there a skill difference between a top laner and a support?”. I often hear that the top lane is the most important thing in the game and that the supports aren’t as important. I’m always impressed when an inexperienced player who has never played a game actually starts to really understand how to play the game. I often ask them if they understand how to play a champion like Lee Sin. It usually comes from seeing the champion in action. The ability to play someone like Lee Sin effectively is a skill that no one can truly demonstrate; it’s something that anyone can build up through experience and practice. The problem comes when

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