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Saying the most recent episode of NBC’s “The Voice” was a masterpiece, an emotional VVIP attended the ceremony to watch the reality show finale on “Sunday Night” Wednesday.

PHOTOS: ‘The Voice’ Season 2 Finale

The season finale of the NBC competition show was so emotional, the VVIP — who spoke on condition of anonymity — said this was the show’s most emotional. The show’s producers, including producers Jay and Jaymes Ziman, wanted to continue the celebration with a moment of silence and tribute to the winner, American Idol finalist Javi Marroquin, saying everyone on the show “has fought so hard to find their voice and to be the amazing athlete that they are.”

The VVIP said he came to the ceremony “because he loves the show, and he also loves the music but now he wants to pay tribute to Javi Marroquin by watching the finale on ‘Sunday Night.'”

The VVIP added the finale was one of “most emotional seasons in ‘The Voice’s’ history.”

PHOTOS: The Voice Season 2: Who Was Voted Off?

“I was blown away by it,” said another VVIP. “It’s one of the top moments of the show’s career.”

Other VVIPs were even bigger fans of the show than the VIP who attended the ceremony in Hollywood, and were not surprised at the show’s final moment of silence.

“It was one of the most emotional and heartfelt things that I’ve been a part of.”

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