How do you throw a ball farther? – Learn Ventriloquism For Children

It doesn’t make a difference how high you throw it (unless you are high thrower) but the distance it travels will certainly influence how far you throw it. To understand this I can use a game called ‘Hollywood Tennis’ where the distance from first to third position is 300m, but the last move is played at 15m, or 40% shorter. The average distance at this level is 25m per move.

So what would happen if the ball dropped at 10m from first to third position and traveled 100m?

If we took a shot, the ball would drop back 3m.

If we took a second shot at 40% shorter and dropped the ball at 15m, the ball would drop back 5m.

If we took a third shot at 40% shorter and dropped the ball at 10m, the ball would drop back 7m.

This is an example, but you might want to think about how it plays out in your ball tossing game.

One thing to consider about this rule of thumb is that it only applies if the thrower is higher than the ball in the air (the farther they are from the ball the shorter they will need to throw it). So don’t shoot to a lower percentage if the ball is at least a bit beyond the height the thrower is above the ball in the air (i.e. your aim point is higher than a guy holding a toy monkey).

If you play ‘Tennis Tennis’, think about how much height you need to get from first to third position.

I hope that this article gives you some ideas on how to think about using the rules of thumb as a general rule of thumb if you are playing ball tossing.


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The last piece, the “couch potato” effect has, over the past 100 years, shifted the way we think about how people work. In a modern office, the idea of “working from home” is completely alien. It’s not like you have to leave your couch at home. Your kids are here. You are not “there”. And in my opinion, we are making it worse.

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