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A ventriloquist dummy is an articulated body part that is placed inside a body, allowing for one-way communication between a performer and the audience. It is then operated in place during the trick, allowing for a different outcome depending on the placement of the “mouth.”

Where Is The Dummy Located?

A ventriloquist dummy is placed in a specific spot, usually between 3-4 inches from the viewer’s mouth. Typically, the dummy is placed behind the front mouth, which means the dummy is positioned approximately 2-3cm in front of the front teeth.

Can A Dummy Be Restricted?

It is important that a ventriloquist dummy remains in its correct location throughout a performance. However, that does not mean that it cannot be adjusted slightly. In a way, this is the key to making an illusion work. By adjusting the position of the dummy, a performer could make the mouth appear wider or narrower. If the illusion’s end result is to the extent that most people find the performance to be a success, it has been accomplished.

How Does A Ventriloquist Dummy Work?

When a person begins to blow air into the mouth during a trick, the air is drawn through the mouth until it reaches the dummy, then it is sucked into the mouth. An animated dummy with a body to move around could be used here, although the use of the live performer may be necessary to prevent the live dummy from moving around.

How Does A Dummy Get Down?

It may take 30-90 seconds for air to be sucked into the mouth of the dummy. Dummy bodies vary; they may be built from aluminum, wood or plastic and they may have moving parts. These parts may allow an illusion to be formed and it may be necessary to adjust the position of the dummy before the person blows air into it. A dummy might have to be adjusted several times as it moves around.

Dummy Tips and Details

A ventriloquist dummy should not be removed from the performer’s mouth during a performance. As the dummy is moved around with a ventriloquist device, the dummy’s mouth should be manipulated to achieve one of several results. For example, a dummy may be adjusted to appear closer to the viewer’s mouth, or it may be adjusted so it is closer to the back-lip of the mouth which may cause an added effect.

A mouth part that is moved too far around

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