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Well, there are two main ways, the first is simple: with their mouth (and their voice) open. To the second, they turn their head, close the mouth, and have their tongue stuck out (called “ducking”) to be able to “scream” out a word.

As they get older, they learn to make these moves, and soon learn to use the “ducking” motion, and then “scream”, and at some point, even try to “scream”. It is the same with other animals that use “voice”.

However, some people have a “secret” way that is able to trick the ear, and they call it “the “vocal illusion”.

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The secret is: the vocal nerve that controls how you sound is attached to a muscle in your middle ear. This muscle moves your tongue and jaw in a way that mimics the way your vocal nerve sounds. The only problem: the nerves don’t really “move” anything. Just watch one of the great virtuosos of “vocal illusion”, “Pete Seeger”. His mouth moves, but his voice remains exactly the same – he keeps the same pitch and the same volume. A vocal “illusion” works, but is not actually effective.

Now: if your voice does not imitate the way your vocal nerve sounds, you have a totally different problem. You might have a “speech disease” (or other condition), or you might not even have a normal voice. Your “voice” is just a kind of “artificial” organ of the brain.

For a long time, a lot of people tried to teach people the “vocal illusion”. And in the end, all that was proved wrong. And now, for an even more “harder” problem, in real life:

If you see someone who is talking and have the same impression you did, why is it that they speak like someone else, or how did they sound? When you really study a language, especially English, it turns out that there are very few ways to “imitate” a speech sound. You really do not mimic it. What does it really sound like inside your head?

In other words: the ability to “sing” doesn’t actually work in real life, just like the “vocal illusion.”

What is the meaning of this “secret”?

A secret of how we speak?

There was no secret of how we speak

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