How far can a ventriloquist throw their voice? – Ventriloquist Puppet How To Make

Some people throw theirs as far as they can, some as far as they can go, and some throw as far as they can go to do their voices.

How far can a ventriloquist throw a piece of paper? Does it go into a window or a window frame and just fall? Does it go into a car or a car? If so, how far does it fall?

How far is it?

Does the person who is playing make a noise, like a plink of a fiddle or violin or clarinet, or does their voice just float up in the air?

If someone is very noisy, can they make another noise, just to get the same effect? What about a sound that they do not like?

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Can a person who is a ventriloquist make a farting noise?

Does a ventriloquist make a “gurgling” sound or do they just spit out the words? Does the person sound surprised or frustrated?

Can a person imitate a voice that is not actually their own? Can they create a fake voice?

Can a person play a person but make that person sound different?

Can a person mimic a voice so different that when they talk to other people the voice makes the opposite person talk to them?

Can a ventriloquist play a person’s voice from his own voice, and at the same time make them talk to him?

Can a person imitate their own voices and make them say the things the character would say, just in their own voice? Does their voice sound different?

Can a ventriloquist make the person’s voice sound completely different than if they were singing?

Can a person pretend to speak in a voice when they are actually speaking in a different voice?

Can a person make a person’s voice sound like he or she is trying to sound like the one in the movie or a movie or a radio, but they really do not even need to pretend!

Can a person speak in a totally unknown language or a language that the ventriloquist does not understand?

A ventriloquist can actually use accents, like the accent on a character’s voice.

Can a ventriloquist make the voice sound different depending how he is wearing or what he is wearing or doing, or by listening to something?

Can a person play a totally different voice than if they were singing it

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