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As you can see, there is a serious issue here. The question is not whether a ventriloquist is paid for his or her services: it is a question of whether they make a profit. Do they do it because they love what they are doing, or are they simply making a living or a pittance at it? As we can see from the above graph, ventriloquists in the United States make significantly less than people who do not work at ventriloquism, but if you look closely you can see a consistent trend towards greater earnings for ventriloquists, particularly for those who are in their mid-20s. Why?

It is my experience that a certain percentage of the work-rate population (typically the first and second generation of ventriloquists) does not make a living wage. I have worked with workers in that category myself, and have had a similar experience on the other end of the job spectrum: those employees work “to the bone”. If the money didn’t come in quickly, they struggled to take care of a daughter or a wife, and sometimes they would even struggle to pay the rent. At our business, this can add up to a lot of dollars if the worker can’t make it in a week.

While this makes it very difficult for our business to pay a living wage to employees, I would strongly prefer to pay everyone an hourly wage. I would also prefer that when these employees do not make a living wage, at the very least they would be allowed to live in my own quarters in the “home of entertainment” that is the ventriloquist shop.

However, I would be willing, at this time, in exchange for the opportunity to provide entertainment for an evening or two each month, to entertain others for four hours out of that four.

I have a suggestion from one of my customers for this, and, if I can get the rights to it, they would be able to do all of this without having to pay for an employee to stay in my home. It will be more expensive than a night out of my home, but if you know that we have a lot of visitors each month that have not yet made use of our home, I could keep the price as low as possible while also keeping our shop open so that people can have entertainment.

One person, with his own ventriloquist shop and no business income, would need to live a modest life as a vent

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