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It’s easier to start with a simple model that has already had a lot of detail added to it to create a detailed and accurate model. The model will still have some very rudimentary features that need to be finished to make a successful model, and you can add this as you go along.

Puppets that need to know about things like friction and balance should have all the details of the final model added to it as it progresses. Even when the model doesn’t really move in the finished model, the details will still need to be added. It will also help you make a smoother model as you start out making a more detailed model. In the end, your model will be better for being made by hand and won’t have a complicated design.

To learn more about puppeting, go to our puppeting tutorials page.

It’s all over but the shouting. I’m talking about the NHL playoffs. The Anaheim Ducks are not very good. They’ve not been very good since they left the playoffs for good in 2004-05 and it has been that way since 2004-05.

And so it was a bit of a relief for me to go to work Saturday, even though they had just lost four games in a row. I was going to be a bit busy during the day so I figured it would be a good idea to read a story about the Ducks from our own John Vogl on Twitter (@JVogl_Puck). And this is the story about how, from the Ducks’ perspective, being 0-2 in the playoffs is pretty darn bad.

We’ve seen it before. If the Ducks can lose four in a row in the playoffs, it’s considered a pretty bad year. As you can see, the Ducks did not make it past round one this season. What can you say about the Ducks doing worse than in any previous season they did not make it out of the first round? In the last eight of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2005-06, the Washington Capitals had the better record than the Ducks did.

As was noted in the story, when talking about how the Ducks should feel bad, this isn’t the case. Sure, the Stars are doing a lot better, but we need to look at the context that went into the Stars’ victory over the Anaheim Ducks. Here’s our good friend @JVogl_Puck:

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1. Stars have been better since the start. I don’t think Anaheim’s season has been so bad because they

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